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Martin Gross
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Victor Gross
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Guillaume Lancrenon
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Meriadec Buchmuller
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Our vision

Our goal is to simplify the way professionals follow commodities.

These days, we come across too many dissatisfied large companies with their information sources -lack of independence, incomplete perimeter of commodities, complexity of access to the Data- and large amount of SMEs without market information at all.

We are confident that by working with energy and passion on our portal, we can revolutionize the access to market data on commodities.

We contribute to improving the efficiency of many companies and sectors, to reduce the risks and exposure to commodity price variations, and eventually to bring more transparency and less volatility to markets.

They advise us
Photo CommoPrices Chloé Coursaget
Chloé Coursaget

Entrepreneur, professional from the information industry, the press and communications consultancy, Chloe Coursaget advises businesses and startups in their communication strategy. She is president of Accroche-com', a Paris based independent communication agency, and she co-founded Commodesk - pure player specialized information on commodities. Also being chief redactor of Accroche-Press’, she has extensive expertise in content production, especially on economic and financial topics. She is graduated from the European Business School.

Photo CommoPrices Manu Carricano
Manu Carricano

Dr. Manu Carricano is an executive graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Big Data, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Bordeaux. He is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Pricing Center at EADA Business School. His work encompasses a wide range of pricing and data science related issues, has been published in international academic journals and presented at large industry and academic conferences. As a consultant, Manu has conducted projects in several industries and in numerous countries, working with leading companies such as Bayer, General Electric, Johnson Controls, LEGO, McDonald’s, Medtronic, Michelin, PSA, among others.

Photo CommoPrices Jacques Farine
Jacques Farine

Jacques Farine is manager and partner at Accroche-press, a French press agency specialized in economic information, financial, estate and commodities. He was initiator of the project Commodesk, pure player professional specializing in environmental and geopolitical issues of the international economy of commodities. He is also a technician hydrobiology and a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble. He has extensive expertise with the information industry and communication.

Photo CommoPrices Andreas Nierlich
Andreas Nierlich

Andreas Nierlich started his professional career in the software industry in 1996 and then worked in the field of information management since 2001 when he joined a start-up company in the Semantic Web space. As head of Sales & Marketing he helped to grow the company from 4 to 70 employees and gained valuable insights in developing a company from scratch. Through these experiences, he gained extensive know-how about sales, marketing, partnership management, business development and with a deep technological insight in several information management technologies like Semantic Web, Big Data, Linked Data, Text Mining, Enterprise Search, Predictive Analytics and Knowledge Management.

Photo CommoPrices Steve Ohana
Steve Ohana

Steve Ohana is an associate professor of finance at ESCP Europe. His research interests are commodity markets, tactical asset allocation, financial crises, extreme market events and the linkage between financing and real corporate decisions. Following his graduation fromEcole Polytechnique, he pursued a Master Degree in Finance from Paris VI. His Ph.D. in Finance at University Paris-Dauphine was supported by GDF Suez and dealt with energy price modelling and dynamic commodity portfolio optimization. After 2009, he played the role of scientific advisor in the asset management company Riskelia, founded with his brother Jean-Jacques.

Photo CommoPrices François Violante
François Violante

After studying law and management, François Violante joins an independent distribution network of Sanitary - Plumbing - Heating - products, of which he becomes general manager in 1990. Sold in 1994 to Point P, he gets projected HRD for SA / AMP branch (CEDEO) in strong external development. In 1996, Saint Gobain buys Point P and gives him full responsibility for the development of its coverage sector in Europe, with the aim of becoming a market leader. In 2002, he becomes general manager of Dupont Sanitary-Heating, following its acquisition. As a proof of his extensive experience and strong expertise, the 1st French independent distribution network Algorel (2.3Mds €) invites in 2010 to structure its purchasing department. Today, François Violante is head of FVI Consulting, a consulting structure he created. We are happy to enjoy his various skills in purchasing, marketing and management.

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