CommoPrices takes a step forward

# Open
Le 09 / 03 / 2018 par Victor Gross

Making commodity price information available for all

We’ve always tried to make commodity price information more available: to anyone, from anywhere.

Exposure to commodity price variations is a major stake for companies.

However, finding reliable price information is a tough job, costly and usually ends with a partial vision of the market information. Our goal is to simplify the way professionals follow commodities.

So we decided to bring changes into this ecosystem : approaching the market the startup way, by being user-centered and using the latest technologies to deliver services like no competitors does.

What happened for the last 3 years

Today, CommoPrices is:

  • The greatest commodity price information portal in the world (+5400 commodities, and +16 millions data points)
  • Worldwide clients, with turnovers of a few millions to billions
  • High-end features as product modeling, smart email alerts, commodity trend comparaison and so on…

On monday 26th of March, this became free.

Yes, Free.

Our new Model

We will be the industry standard to get buyers & purchasers agree on a fair price. To succeed, we had to make the price information available to all, and therefore for free.

Here are the evolutions.

Some services will remain premium features :

  • data downloads
  • direct API connection to you systems
  • predictions for companies that need to anticipate the market trends

How can you help us

Communication ! During the next few months, spread the love for our platform so that it becomes a shared tool.

Share this article (click on the bottom buttons) and talk to your surroundings: colleagues, purchasers, clients, etc…

If you are not yet registered on our platform, please follow this link to stay up-to-date with the opening. Of course the registration is free.

We are proud to make this step forward, with you.