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Alternative names : EN 643 : 2.05.00/2.05.01/2.06.00/2.06.01 | Ordinary sorted office paper | Sorted office paper | Ordinary sorted coloured letters | Sorted coloured letters
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Category Forest Products / Paper / Office paper and archives
Initial label Paper, as typically generated by offices, shredded or unshredded, printed, may contain coloured papers, with a minimum 60 % wood-free paper, free of carbon and principally free from carbonless copy paper (ccp)/no carbon required (NCR), less than 10 % unbleached fibres including manila envelopes and file covers, less than 5 % newspapers and packaging.
Initial frequency Monthly
Initial unit € / mt
Oldest data available 2012-01-31
Latest data available 2019-12-31
Source Information available for clients only