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A la carte

Starting from 14.90 € / month

Access to a maximum of 3 dataseries available for a given product / raw material / commodity
Two years of historical data
Data source displayed


If you are interested in coffee, you will be able to follow up to 3 quotes out of the 17 different coffee quotes.

Option PLUS

For 12.90€ / month / raw material in addition, you will be able to:

All quotes

Starting from 349 € / month

Access to BASE dataseries (11561 currently)
Complete history
Data source displayed
Dashboard for favorites with charts

Quotes and Features

Starting from 649 € / month

Everything inside the PRO PLAN
Access to PREMIUM dataseries (568 currently)
Multiple Dashboards
Change of unit , curreny or frequency
Data Downloads
Price change alerts
Product Modeling
Charts comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free access?

Access to a very small number of raw materials is available so that every user can test the tool, but access will be extremely limited.

We are more than 5 interested in my company?

Send us an email at contact@commoprices.com and describe your situation to us so that we can provide you with a quotation adapted to your situation.

I do not understand the MONO PLAN well?

The MONO plan gives access to a maximum of 3 dataseries for a given product (= raw material = commodity).

For example: if you follow the oat market and take a MONO plan for oats, you will have access to 3 (you choose) out of the 24 available dataseries listed here.

Another example: If you follow the quinoa, you will have access to the only dataserie available for the quinoa

IMPORTANT: The choice of raw material you want to follow is done by sending an email at support@commoprices.com.

I do not want to commit to a full year?

The current available offers are only annual subscriptions.

I need to enter CommoPrices in the list of approved suppliers?

CommoPrices.com is a site published and marketed by COMMOCOST SAS.

Company name: COMMOCOST   -   Legal form: SAS
Registered office: 1 rue Leopold Sedar Senghor - 14460 Colombelles - FRANCE
Share capital: 13,472 euros
Siret: 802 218 347 00028   -   RCS: CAEN   -   NAF: 7022Z
Intra-Community VAT: FR81 802 218 347

Credit Card payment

Your card will be debited from the amount of your 12 (twelve) months subscription to our platform. In twelve months, you will be debited from the same amount which will automatically renew your subscription. This will happen every twelve months unless you cancel your subscription in your account. Your cancellation notice will automatically cancel your next debit but you will not get a refund for your current subscription period that has already been paid.

Additionnal questions ?

Contact us at contact@commoprices.com