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The issue: as the Purchasing Director of Groupe DUPONT RESTAURATION (#5 in the collective catering sector in France) I lead a team of category buyers who are in charge of helping the chefs with the supply of thousand of products (from organic pasta to the Cotentin sea bass). In the current situation our suppliers are pushing price raises that can be quite substantial for certain products. It is then all the more important to monitor commodities in order to double-check the information they provide and compare them with other commodities, other origins or qualities and be able to oppose counter arguments.

The solution: CommoPrices, with its 13,000 raw commodities quotes database, provided us with a precious and diverse information flow. The platform, available in 3 languages, allows us to compare the quotes, establish cost models and be alerted whenever there is a significant change. We can also download all data ourselves to pursue the analysis further. Thanks to this tool, we have substantially improved the relevance of our analysis per purchase category. It helps us to avoid unjustified price raises and realize savings thanks to a better purchase anticipation, depending on the quotes.

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Dessert Factory

Christophe Plennevaux, Purchasing and R&D Manager for Dessert Factory in Belgium

I have been a CommoPrices customer for two years. If you are on this site and you read the testimonies, it means that the tool is of interest to you. You might be hesitating to go for it? If that's the case, I want to tell you: "Go for it, CommoPrices is really great".

You might ask “why?”. Well, since I've been using it, I've been saving time and as the old saying goes "time is money". How do I save time? No need to search for hours for market information; a few clicks are all it takes, and I have direct access to the relevant information. And it's even easier with the management of your favorites. Moreover, the tool is very intuitive and well-conceived, with the essential information, the annual variations, the currencies, and so on...

Besides saving time, this tool allows me to better prepare my negotiations, to check the information received from suppliers, and therefore to start on a solid basis, and as you know, this is essential to negotiate properly.

And what can I say about the alert system: it is truly useful and efficient. I no longer have to constantly examine my screen, fearing that I might miss a significant rise or drop in the price. In a few clicks, I can set up an alert that will allow me to follow the gross variation, or the crossing of a threshold of a material, and once the price changes (reaches the set limit) I receive an email with the information, and this will help me to take action against this rise or decrease. Moreover, in the alert email, a link allows you to directly reconfigure a new alert, and that was something to think about!

You might think that everything is good in my testimony and that CommoPrices should not improve anything: this is not the case. I reassure you; you can always complain a little. Indeed, there are some sources that are not always up to date, or some errors can happen, but be assured that this is very quickly solved and justified.

To conclude, I want to say that in the context we are currently experiencing (ending of covid, war, and inflation that is soaring) we have to be even more vigilant about the relevance of increases often imposed by our suppliers and partners. Using CommoPrices clearly allows us to negotiate better, in order to limit these increases and thus offer the best prices to our customers. As I said above, don't hesitate any longer, trying CommoPrices is adopting it.

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Laboratoires M&L

Sébastien ALLIETTA - Packaging Purchasing Manager – Laboratoires M&L

In a rapidly changing world, data is the key. The implementation of Commoprices has enabled us to be more responsive in a context of high inflation. We have also been able to share this tool with our suppliers and partners in order to build transparent Cost Models with them, adapted to each situation.

Commoprices has a large database; most of the quotations are available and updated regularly; we can also request additional quotations if necessary.

Finally, the tool is easy to use and has been acclaimed by all the teams. Simple, adapted and efficient!