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The issue: as the Purchasing Director of Groupe DUPONT RESTAURATION (#5 in the collective catering sector in France) I lead a team of category buyers who are in charge of helping the chefs with the supply of thousand of products (from organic pasta to the Cotentin sea bass). In the current situation our suppliers are pushing price raises that can be quite substantial for certain products. It is then all the more important to monitor commodities in order to double-check the information they provide and compare them with other commodities, other origins or qualities and be able to oppose counter arguments.

The solution: CommoPrices, with its 13,000 raw commodities quotes database, provided us with a precious and diverse information flow. The platform, available in 3 languages, allows us to compare the quotes, establish cost models and be alerted whenever there is a significant change. We can also download all data ourselves to pursue the analysis further. Thanks to this tool, we have substantially improved the relevance of our analysis per purchase category. It helps us to avoid unjustified price raises and realize savings thanks to a better purchase anticipation, depending on the quotes.