We are forever changing commodities tracking

Our goal is to simplify the way professionals follow commodities.

These days, we come across too many dissatisfied large companies with their information sources -lack of independence, incomplete perimeter of commodities, complexity of access to the Data- and large amount of SMEs without market information at all.

We are confident that by working with energy and passion on our portal, we can revolutionize the access to market data on commodities.

We contribute to improving the efficiency of many companies and sectors, to reduce the risks and exposure to commodity price variations, and eventually to bring more transparency and less volatility to markets.

Big Data CommoPrices

Unleash the Potential of Data

Big Data is revolutionizing the amount of available information. By accessing our refined Data, you gain a great level of performance.

CommoPrices guarantees you access to unique and independent data, covering an unmatched range of commodities.

Follow market trends

Commodity price swings are the new norm. In a volatile environment, following the market trends is essential.

Receiving market intelligence from a single source may sometimes be biased. CommoPrices brings you an independent argument basis.

Data Market CommoPrices
Data performance CommoPrices

More simplicity for improved performance

Raw Data is massively available. The key is to have the right tool to understand complex market trends.

CommoPrices makes simplicity a top priority, to produce readable and usable key information for your business.