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How to register ?

Register on CommoPrices is free and will take you 30 seconds.
You can register at this address.

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Password lost

You can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot password?” at the login form.

Or, you can also directly change it at this address.

You simply have to enter your email address.
You will thus receive an email with a link to redefine your password.

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I do not receive your emails

It sometimes happens that you do not receive our emails, for various reasons :

Verify the email address you entered

Some people are registering with a spelling mistake in their email address. We invite them to verify it in my account.

If you are in this situation of a mistyped address, please disconnect and re-create a new account with the right address.

Check your SPAM

We are never spamming, however some users reported us that they received our emails on their spam mailbox. In this case, redefine our emails as desirables !

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Contact Team CommoPrices

We have created support ressources to allows you to find all the answers to your questions.

If, despite this, you still had a question, you can ask us your question by filling this contact form.

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Who is concerned by CommoPrices ?

CommoPrices is adressing every company willing to optimize its raw material purchases by working with a platform of market intelligence.

CommoPrices is particularly adapted to retailers and distributers that are working with a very large amount of raw material portfolios.

The user experience and the reliability of our data allow us to count as clients companies in every domains (Agrobusiness, Chemicals, Plastics, Industry), of all sizes : from SME to CAC 40.

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Do you realize ponctual analysis ?

We are positionning ourself as a plateform of market intelligence and quotations. That is why, CommoPrices is not:

  • A consultancy office that produces qualititative studies, reports, ad hoc analysis;
  • A trading terminal as Bloomberg, on wich you could set options (buy or sell) on financial markets;
  • A consulting firm on cost killing;
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CommoPrivces vs Concurrence

If you want to know our position in the industry of market intelligence for raw material prices, here are some of our specificities.

Scope of commodities

We are offering the largest choice of raw material prices in the world (5500+ commodities). You do not need anymore to multiply the number of sources to find the prices of your different famillies (Agrobusiness, Chemical, Packaging...). CommoPrices is an "all in one" platform !

Technology & reliability

Technology is our job.
We are permanently working on the user experience for you to gain time and efficiency. Digital permits this. We are using its full potential (Web Technology, Big Data, Machine Learning).

Flexibility & transparency

Our subscriptions are without engagements and without hidden fees.
An happy client stays, a sad one will leave. It is that simple. Our natural purpose is to make you fully satisfied.

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Cloud Access

Our plateform, as all the data are accessible at every moment and from any device with internet. Cloud magic.

  • You do not need to download any application on your computer.
  • There is no geographical restriction to use our website (even in China).
  • You can access it from everywhere. At your supplier office for example.
  • All the exchange of data are secured (accessible via the https protocole).

Our policy of data confidentiality.

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Which languages are available on CommoPrices?

To answer the needs of international groups, our portal is accessible in French and in English.
It allows you to display CommoPrices globaly.

To define the language, you can change your preferences in My account.

language french
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Raw material arborescence

CommoPrices is classifying more than 5500 raw materials on its portal.
In order to easily find your raw material, we have created a super simple research arborescence.

This arborescence has been builded following this scheme: Familly > Sub Group > Material > Grade/Origin of the commodity

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Modulables graphs

All of our data series are visualizable through a dynamic support. If your follow the curve with your mouse, it will show you the price on a specific date. You will also get the evolution % between the actual point and the previous one.

For some commodities, you can select different flows, origins, markets.

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Excel download

We give you the right to download the data on Excel format. It allows you to keep a copy of this historical data, but also to stay autonomous and flexible in your work.

For example, many clients compare their perfomance as buyers with our market data.

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Create my list of favorites

Gain time by creating your list of favorites!
The ideal is to create this list on your first connexion at your account.

To add a commodity to your list of favorites, you simply have to go on the page of this commodity and click on the "Favorites" button up right.

Once your add all your commodities, you will find them in the file 'Fav'. You will no longer need to search them in the entire list.

This list of favorites will directly fill you “Dashboard”.

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Currency management

Manage the currencies allows you to switch between one currency to another, by converting the entire data series with the historical rate established by the Central European Bank.

Currency compare

This conversion is available for more than 32 currencies !

Around 32 currency
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Unit management

Or quotes are very often in € or $ per ton. However it sometimes happens that raw material indicators are libelled in an other unit.

You can select the unit you want. It will directly charge the news curves. Simple and efficient.

Warning: indicators are expressed following 6 types of fundamental units :
  1. mass unit (kg, tons etc.)
  2. volume unit (litre, baril etc.)
  3. time unit (hour, month etc.)
  4. energy unit (kWh, BTU etc.)
  5. count unit (piece, sheet etc.)
  6. surface unit (square meter)

You can not switch from one unit to another (unless you know the mass-volume of certain liquid)!

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Periodicity management

You will find on CommoPrices many data series, whose update frequency can vary daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc…

For simplicity, it is sometimes better to consult an indicator on a monthly or quaterly average than on a daily frequency.

We created for you the frequency management feature to meet this need.

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How to adjust historical data?

You can change the history of your curve with a modular gauge. The graph takes immediately into account your changes

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Compare seasonality

We also allow you to compare years on years.

This allows to easily compare campains between them.

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What is "THE LAB"?

The LAB is a specific area of our platform. It is a space in which we develop powerful features, often ahead of what is done in our industry.

Today, The LAB includes 4 advanced tools.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Alerts
  3. Modelling
  4. The comparison

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Your dashboard will help you to gain time.

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The concept of the alert is very simple: we are alerting you by email if a raw material that you follow is widely varying.
We are your watch on commodity markets!

The alerts allow you to move from a defensive posture with your supplier ("he always takes the lead") to an offensive posture ("you know, so you trigger the encounter at the right time").


Create an alert

Create an alert is extremely simple.
You can either do it from the raw material page, by clicking on the top right "Create Alert" button. Or in The Lab, selecting the raw material from a dropdown list.
Once you have selected the raw material, you still have to define the trigger conditions.

An alert can be of 3 types:

  1. Brutal alert
  2. A warning that is activated during a sudden movement of a material. Parameters of the alert:

    • choice of the movement to follow: rise, fall or both
    • choice of the level of trigger (in percentage of variation)
    Sudden alert example: up 3% or down 3% on the price of cocoa

  3. Latent alert
  4. An alert that is activated on a latent movement over a longer period of time.
    Alert parmeters:

    • choice of the movement to follow: rise, fall or both
    • choice of the level of trigger (in percentage of variation)
    • choice of the number of months
    Latent alert example : up 10% or down 10% on the price of cocoa in the last 3 months

    NB: This alert is of particular interest in connection with the lanes of price revisions.

  5. Threshold passing alert
  6. An alert that is activated on a latent movement over a longer period of time.
    Alert parmeters:

    • choice of the level of trigger
    Threshold passing alert example : passing 1 200 €/ton for cocoa price

    NB : The thresold can be triggered on a rise or a fall. It depends on the current level of the quote and the level of the threshold you fixed.

Manage my alerts

Once an alert is created, CommoPrices automatically makes the monitoring for you.

You can access, in the Lab, to the dedicated area "My alerts". Here you can view your active alerts and inactive alerts, either because they are alerts you disabled, or because, in the case of a trigger point, your alarm is automatically placed as "inactive".

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The modelling module allows you to build a modelling of the cost evolution of a composite product, involving different raw materials following proportions indicated by the user.

You can integrate raw materials input but also macroeconomic ones as labor cost, cost of energy, freight costs, the cost of storage…

Create and monitor cost modelling helps to understand the evolution of a composite cost structure.

For example, you will not only know the price of cocoa, but you will be able to modelling the evolution of Nutella by adding in your modelling cocoa, sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts ...

Building a modelling is technical, but we put everything in place to make it simple and accessible.

Please watch this video that shows everything needed to understand this powerful tool.

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The comparison module compares two curves on the same graph
It responds to conventional uses such as:

  • understand the correlation between raw materials
  • seek sourcing opportunities
  • evaluate potential substitutes

The comparison module is very simple to use.

Step 1: select raw materials or references that you want to compare
Step 2: set the currency and unit volume in which you want the references to be compared (optionnal)
Step 3: Validate and get the graph
Step 4 (optionnal) : if the two quotes you compare are expressed in the same currency and the same unit, you can display them on a single scale

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Full list of raw materials

We cover more than 5500 different raw materials, with different sources, Incoterms, qualities for each raw material.

To consult the complete raw materials referenced on our portal, please download the complete list.

Check the complete list of raw materials.

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Frequency of data updates

According to the data source, the update can be daily, weekly, or monthly. We obviously strive for the data to be available as soon as possible.

More liquid is the market, the easier it is to get regular information.

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Historical data

The historical of data depend on the source.

In general, we try to guarantee the widest possible access to historical data.
We have, for 95% of our price series, at least 4 years of history.
Sometimes, however, we integrate new data whose history is more restricted.

You still have a question?

Reliability of data

It is our first priority!

We only work with reliable and persistent sources over time. For example for the palm oil we work directly with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

The interest of CommoPrices is precisely to ensure a reliable data to face-up the one announced by the supplier.

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Difference between CommoPrices and my prices

This sentence is deliberately provocative, but "a price does not mean anything"!
There are indeed, thousand effects and components of a price.
For more on this, please read this article (french article).

It is impossible to have a comprehensive view of all the world prices on a raw material, with all the possible grades, places of origin, the delivery locations, quality, installation and financial terms, respectability of CSR standards by the producers, or taking into account a long-term buyer-supplier relationship ...

The right method is to consider the information trends as the only information of value in your negotiations.

You still have a question?

Can a dataserie stop ?

It is possible that a series stops. It's uncommon, but it happens. Everything depends on its source. When this happens, we do our best to incorporate a new equivalent source.

You still have a question?

I can not find a commodity

You do not find the raw material you are looking for?

Here is what to do:
Step 1: Look again! With synonyms if necessary. You may be typing an industrial designation.
Step 2: Use the search bar
Step 3: Use the tree arborescence Family> Subfamily> Core
Step 4: Contact us via the data suggestion form

  • If it exists but you have not found it, we will redirect you to it;
  • If we do not quote it yet, we will add it to our list of raw materials to integrate. It will be searched according to its priority and feasibility.

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What is the limit in the use of data ?

A simple gold rule : it is strictly forbidden to distribute any data from CommoPrices.

The use of data is only authorized in your team at your company.

However, we can grant a special access for a partial redistribution of our data in two very specific use cases :

  1. You are a journalist and wish to use our data in one of your article ? Contact us via the form below (click on Contact us) and explain us what you would like to do.
  2. You wish to redistribute our data to your clients, suppliers, partners,etc. via your software, website, intranet,etc. ? Our API allows that depending on the case.

You still have a question?

Do you have an API ?

We have a REST API that allows developers to access our databases, as a stream :

You can consult the technical documentation at this address :

API documentation
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What is a team ?

Within a company, know and follow the trends of commodity prices is a need shared by many employees, especially within purchasing teams but also for sales, R&D departments, finance or management.

To meet this need, our plans subscriptions guarantee a number of users access. Invite collaborators, transfer access, remove collaborators ... The team system is built to handle it all, simply.

It is also relevant to expand the team system to tokens. If a company wants to buy tokens and make them available to its staff, it is possible!

You still have a question?

How to create a team ?

Step 1 : Subscribe to monthly subscription or a token offer.

A team is created once you have subscribed to one of our offers, subscriptions or tokens.

Step 2 : Invite collaborators, as ADMIN or MEMBER

When you invite collaborators to your team, you can choose two levels of accreditation :


They have the same rights, with the distinction that only the ADMIN can access sensitive data (billing), purchase new tokens, change subscription plan or invite / revoke the invitation to employees.

Some principles :

  • The number of ADMIN in the same team is not limited.
  • A MEMBER can leave his team.
  • A ADMIN may dissolve his team.
  • We can not be in two teams at the same time.
  • If you accept an invitation from another team, you will leave your current team.

You still have a question?

Subscriptions are “without engagement” ?!

There is no commitment at CommoPrices. We attract and retain customers only by the quality of our product and our offers.

The only rule is that every started month is due to pay.
From there, you are free to cancel at any time your subscription for the following months.

Termination can only be decided by an ADMIN account. Termination is in the section My account by stopping the current plan. Learn more on how to stop my subscription.

You still have a question?

Stop a subscription

As you have propably seen, our subscriptions are “without engagement”. You can thus stop your subscription at any time.

Please note that all started month is due. So if you decide to stop your subscription, your access will be maintained until the end of the month. Your subscription will not be renewed for the following months.

Step 1 : Go to the section My account;
Step 2 : go to the subscription tab;
Step 3 : revoke the current subscription.

You still have a question?

Activation of subscriptions

Take a subscription is relatively simple.
Choose your subscription, enter your billing information and your payment method (credit card) and that's it.

Once you have passed the payment step, activation of subscriptions is automatic.

It remains you to invite your colleagues in your team and give them accreditations.

Send invitations

Send an invitation
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Exemption of VAT

If you wish to be exempted of VAT because your company is outside European Union, just fill the contact form below (click on Contact Us) with your company details.

We will then manually activate VAT exemption on your account.

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Price Forecasts

We offer highly reliable forecasts on commodity prices.

We provide with month after month forecasts up to 24 months.

A team of highly recognized experts on price forecasts is working specifically on that matter. Using data science and machine learning on all of our commodities, our team adds exogenously parameters and human analysis to provide highly accurate forecasts.

Several clients already trust us in order to make smart antipated purchases or to accurately forecast their budget expenditures.

Interested ? Please fill the form below (click on Contact Us) and let us know which commodities you would be interested into.

You still have a question?

Payment methods

We only accept payment by credit card.
This is the only way for us to ensure a subscription without commitment.

Payment modes

The details of your credit card is never stored on our servers, but are directly encrypted and protected by the Stripe payment solution (Stripe is the world leader for online payments). The transaction is secured, simple and transparent.

You still have a question?

Security of payment methods

The security of payment methods is obviously taken very seriously. We do not store any payment information on our servers. They are encrypted and supported by Stripe, worldwide leader on internet payment.

Stripe holds the security level PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of certification for the payment industry.

Furthermore our site shares information via (HTTPS): an Internet protocol ensuring secured exchanges. The URL of your browser always mention the protocol HTTPS.

You still have a question?


We issue invoices for every purchased tokens or monthly subscriptions on CommoPrices.

CommoPrices service billing

All thoses invoices are stored in : My Account.

CommoPrices service invoice
You still have a question?

You want to get us in your supplier base? is a website published by COMMOCOST SAS.

Here are legal informations:
Raison sociale : COMMOCOST
Forme de société : SAS
HQ : 1 rue Leopold Sedar Senghor - 14460 Colombelles - FRANCE
Capital social : 13 472 euros
Siret : 802 218 347 000280
NAF : 7022Z
VAT : FR 81802218347

If you have any problem regarding this aspect, please contact us through the contact form.

You still have a question?

Account security

The security of your account is important. We take it very seriously.

  • All your personal data are stored in databases hosted in Europe.
  • We have a password encryption system, ensuring you a very strong security.
  • You can always delete your account and request the erasure of all your information.
Please remind that your account is personnal and that you are responsible of your credentials. See the legal terms (in French)

You still have a question?

Data security

We are using a secured transmission protocol of HTTPS type, ensuring that requests between your browser and our servers are protected by this method.

In addition to our exchanges and markets data collect, we want you to pay attention to the fact that all the modellings you build on the site are - like your password - encrypted.
They are not accessibles nor for CommoPrices administrators nor to anyone except you.

You still have a question?

Servers and Backup

Our servers are hosted in Europe, in Amsterdam, on a very qualifed host : Digital Ocean.

We are realizing “backups” of our servers each week.

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Period of maintenance

For obvious reasons, we have to pass our website into maintenance. Maintenances are relatively rares (once a month), and last for only few hours.
Everything as been set up to minimize it and to do it on low attendance periods. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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